Maria Kanellis Takes Shot at Dirt Sheets Spreading Fake News About Her

Kanellis says the "news" sites are getting played by the sources desperate for attention

maria kanellis
Image via WWE

Maria Kanellis has been in the spotlight ever since she was part of one of WWE’s first ever Diva Searches more than a decade ago. The former Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling superstar has made quite a name for herself in the wrestling world since her first WWE departure back in 2010 and has made all the headlines once again this week after her segment on Raw became one of the highlights of the show.

Maria announced that she was expecting her second child on Monday Night Raw this past week and it has since led to a number of rumors about how the 205 Live stars held WWE to ransom by not telling them about her pregnancy before she signed a five-year deal.

Kanellis obviously isn’t happy about the number of fake reports about her online and recently took to Twitter to air her issues with the Dirt Sheets and some of the reports that have been written about her over the past few days.

Maria and Mike Kanellis returned to 205 Live on Tuesday night so it’s believed that this is where their strange storyline will continue in the coming weeks, even though the company allowed them to invade Monday Night Raw and seemingly take advantage of the Wild Card Rule earlier this week.

Maria confirmed that she was expecting her second child on Instagram a few days ago and is now expected to take leave from the company in the coming months much like Rosa Mendez, Brie Bella, and Maryse when they all confirmed that they were expecting.

Maria did sign a five year deal with WWE recently which means that she will be returning to the show and hopefully to the ring after the birth of her second child, but it’s currently unknown how far along Kanellis is in her second pregnancy.