Maria Kanellis Wants WWE To Bring Back The Divas Championship

Maria Kanellis
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Maria Kanellis is a former Diva Search contestant who has wrestled all over the world for promotions including Ring of Honor, Impact Wrestling, and WWE.

She returned to WWE at Money In The Bank last year alongside her husband Mike Kanellis but has never won a Championship despite having spent a number of years as part of the roster before she departed back in 2010.

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Maria recently gave birth to her first child, a daughter called Fredrica Moon and is now looking at WWE Evolution for a return in less than two months time. Despite suffering a broken wrist recently, Maria has still been active on Social Media and recently responded to a fan on Twitter when asked about what she would change about WWE currently.

The Divas Championship was retired back at WrestleMania 32 when it was decided that the women in WWE would no longer be referred to as Divas. The Women’s Revolution has since become a headline in WWE as the women have managed to take over the company and are set to take part in their first ever solo WWE pay-per-view on October 28th.

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Maria later continued that she thought that the Divas in WWE still have some value and that she would love for all three Championships to be part of the show.

“There are few people that truly understand what the Divas title was supposed to be,” Maria later continued on Twitter. “It was supposed to be another title to fight for, just like there are today, not the only title. But people criticize that don’t understand and that’s just ignorance.”

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Women’s Tag Team Championships have been rumored over the past few months and there is speculation that WWE could use Evolution to unveil the titles so that the women will have something more to fight over in the future.

The Divas era is now over and it’s unlikely that WWE will ever want to go back, but Tag Team Championships could easily be a way for Maria to get what she wants without the company being forced to take a step backward.