Mark Henry Considering Legal Action Against Lio Rush For Defamation

Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Lio Rush and WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry are feuding over comments that Henry made about rush back in 2019.

Early in 2019, Rush was brought up to the main roster in a managerial role for Bobby Lashley. Rush was supposed to have earned some backstage heat which resulted in him being taken out of that role and off TV for a while.

During that time, Henry talked about the situation on Busted Open Radio. According to Henry, Rush’s problem was an “ego issue” and when Henry attempted to talk to Rush about the problems he heard the younger superstar was getting into, Rush “lied” and said there were no problems.

Rush, who was one of the WWE talents who was recently released due to cost-cutting spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic, recently released a number of Tweets referencing what Henry said about “trying to help” and claiming that Henry was lying.

Rush claimed he wanted to talk to Henry on Busted Open Radio and Henry replied by sending the call-in number for the show. Rush claimed he called the number but it didn’t work.

During an interview today with TMZ Sports, Henry stood by his version of the story of trying to “help” rush. He also stated that he thought the whole thing was an attempt by Rush to get some attention as he had released some new music.

He also took umbrage on Rush questioning his “blackness” and said that he was considering legal action as Rush was slandering him.

Rush responded to Henry’s video interview by saying Henry was defaming him, not the other way around.