Mark Henry Says Vince McMahon Will Chop AEW’s “Hand Off” In Wednesday Night Wars

“No chance in hell” for AEW!

Image via WWE

The upcoming Wednesday Night Wars is fast approaching with NXT’s switch over to USA Network (September 18) and AEW’s debut on TNT (October 2).

Vince McMahon is to reportedly “step away from WWE” in order to focus on XFL, but with the war about to commence, it’s very likely that he will be sticking to his duties until he rips AEW apart.

On Busted Open Radio, Hall Of Famer Mark Henry revealed that Mr. McMahon is not only ready to crush the upstart promotion, but, in fact, he is eagerly looking forward to this inevitable battle.

“Without a shadow of a doubt [this war was inevitable] because Vince looks at wrestling as being his and if you try to take something that belongs to him, he’s going to cut your hand off.”

The Chairman has a ton of experience under his wing; he toppled the WCW empire back in 2001, thus establishing WWE as the be all and end all of the pro wrestling industry.

“Reach in my plate while I’m eating and see what happens to your hand. I’m gonna stab you in the top of your hand with a fork — that’s Vince. Wrestling is his plate, and you are reaching into his plate.” 

Although AEW has built a pretty solid fanbase in a short period of time, “it doesn’t matter” as WWE knows how to adjust the sails – just when fans starts badmouthing WWE’s programming, Vince comes around with a couple of swerves and wins everyone over.

“I know that he does [love the new Wednesday Night War], I don’t know nobody that likes to fight and be a tough guy more than him. Sometimes you can do it with your fists or you could do it with a pencil, and Vince can do it with both.”

Like it or not, truth be told, the entire pro wrestling is Vince McMahon’s ring and he won’t ever tolerate anyone stepping foot on his territory.