Marty Jannetty Claims That His Murder Confession Was Part of a Storyline

Marty Jannetty is perhaps best remembered as the partner of Shawn Michaels in The Rockers in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

A few months ago, Jannetty made headlines when he shared a Facebook post where it appeared that he confessed to a historical murder.

Jannetty claimed to have acted in self-defense when he was 13 and murdered a man who looked as though he was going to attack him behind a bowling alley.

He then went on to state that he threw him in the river.

This confession made news all over the world and even forced the Columbus, Georgia Police Department to step in and investigate, but now the former WWE star has made the decision to tell the world that it was just a storyline.

Jannetty once again took to Facebook where he claimed that this was all “just the beginning of a damn wrestling storyline” and the payoff would have seen him go one-on-one with a man named Darren Kelly who was a former corrections officer.

The feud would have seen Jannetty being forced to go to jail if he had lost the match.

Jannetty also claimed that there was some truth to the original story, but he didn’t go on to kill the man who was responsible for the incident.

“PS- there is some truth in the original story, that’s how you add on and it seems all true..I was 13 buying weed from a gay man(and btw, I loves all my gay people, I just don’t float my boat on that side of the river, loves y’all tho’) in his car in front of the bowling alley we both worked at..and because a couple other of my teen friends went for the hustle(he’d pay them $40 to bj them) he might have assumed I would to, so in other words, the bag of weed for free..he subtly reach over and touched me down there..”and I said, “nah nah, let’s get back to work” we got out and went back to work..and remained friends..he never touch my d**k & balls we was good.”