Matt Cardona Files for Trademarks, Looking to Bring Back YouTube Series?

Former WWE superstar and current free agent Matt Cardona filed a couple of trademarks this week that many feels could be a clue to a future project.

Cardona wrestled in WWE as Zack Ryder. During his time with the company, he developed and produced a popular web series that he put up on YouTube called “Z! True Long Island Story”.

The series was a hit with fans, which led to WWE eventually taking control of the series. The series didn’t do as well with WWE on the helm and it looks like Cardona might be looking to revive the series under his control again.

Cardona, through trademark attorney Michael E. Dockins, has filed trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the terms “Major Pod Network” and “MC! True Long Island Story”.

The trademarks, filed on January 11, are for “Entertainment services, namely live appearances by a professional wrestling and sports entertainment personality” as well as “hats; shirts; socks; sweatshirts; hooded sweatshirts”.

Cardona has been going by his real name since his release by WWE last April. WWE has trademarked his former ring name, which is likely why he’s filing new trademarks for a potential YouTube show. “MC” would be his initials.