Matt Hardy’s AEW Run Has Been The Most Fun of His Career

Matt Hardy may only have signed with AEW in March, but he’s already having the most fun he’s had in his career.

Hardy was a guest on the Busted Open podcast where he talked to Dan LaGreca and Bully Ray about his experience with AEW which he called “extremely fun.”

“I think the thing that’s so fun about it is that you’re given this platform and this scenario to create as an artist,” said Hardy.

Hardy also noted that he enjoyed the atmosphere in the AEW locker room and relished the opportunity to work with young and up and coming superstars.

“There’s so many young guys I can help and teach and just help improve their game as time goes on and improve the product while doing that,” he said.

“This AEW job and being here, this is the greatest roster and the most fun that I’ve ever had,” Hardy said. “Behind this would be the TNA run I had when I first started doing Broken Matt. This is the best gig I’ve ever had, I’m so fortunate and lucky to be here right now.”

According to Hardy, he loves being a performer and being utilized in great and interesting storylines – which AEW is doing. He’s no longer interested in being a champion but rather helping to produce great stuff every week.

He also noted that he’s looking forward to post-pandemic shows as he wants to get to experience a live AEW crowd for the first time.

“AEW has great knowledge and great passion and the thing that’s so amazing is in the midst of a pandemic they’re still killing it in empty arena shows,” he said.

“I can’t wait to get back to whatever the new normal is and see fans in the stands,” said Hardy.