Matt Hardy Assures He is Fine After Minor Car Accident

AEW superstar Matt Hardy was involved in a minor car accident on Friday. Some of Hardy’s fans and friends were alarmed when he Tweeted out a photo on Saturday, of a damaged white car.

Hardy’s caption on the photo offered some “free advice” about not rubbernecking wrecks if you didn’t want to create another one.

Based on Hardy’s comments and the photo, it sounded like Hardy was involved in a traffic incident with multiple vehicles and it ended with the car he was in getting rear-ended.

“Thank goodness I’m invincible,” said Hardy in his caption.

Hardy Tweeted again a little later to provide some clarification on the incident and assure people that he was fine.

According to Hardy, he had been driving back home from Jacksonville on Friday when he spotted a wreck about 25 minutes away from his house.

The wreck had brought traffic to a standstill and Hardy had already stopped his own vehicle when a truck rear-ended him.

According to Hardy, the truck “drove into my stopped car at about 40 mph”. He claims that it happened because the truck driver had been “rubbernecking” to catch a look at the wreck.