Matt Hardy Explains How Vince McMahon Treats “Older” Talents In WWE

Matt Hardy is now officially part of AEW and during a recent episode of Talk Is Jericho, he revealed that one of the reasons he made the jump is because of how Vince McMahon tends to treat “older” talent.

“Once you get to a certain age, Vince’s like well, this guy’s kind of old. Even for himself, at his age he doesn’t want to be on TV,” said Hardy. “Nobody wants to see an old person. It’s just like if you’re a talent and you get to a certain age, it’s kind of like, I don’t know.”

According to Hardy it’s not even so much as being biologically old that can hold a wrestler in the WWE back but the fact that once you are seen as a certain type of wrestler, it’s hard to reinvent yourself or be creative.

“I pitched idea after idea after idea to WWE and I never got any feedback. I would hear a little chatter here a little chatter there, but there was never anything that like stuck or like, you know that anything that ever like sparked any kind of like creative fire in Vince’s mind,” he said.

In the end, Hardy’s frustrations with WWE seem to really be because of how the company was using him creatively, which was hardly creative at all. Hardy did mention, however, that it might have been a different matter if Triple H was in charge.

“Even days after I left, I talked to Triple H. It’s just like he was cool, and I feel like if Triple H would have been the guy that was solely in power, I would have probably had a much better opportunity of kind of getting to do what I wanted creatively, but it is what it is,” said Hardy.