Matt Hardy Explains Why WWE Wouldn’t Allow Jeff Hardy to Leave

Matt Hardy left WWE earlier this year after completeing the WWE deal that he signed upon his retun back at WrestleMania 34.

Hardy and his brother Jeff both signed two-year deals with the option to extend and Matt decided not to extend his deal and is now a major part of AEW.

When Matt left the company, he left his brother Jeff behind, who even though signed a contract at the same time, was still locked into a deal with WWE.

Hardy recently spoke to Chris Van Vliet where he revealed that the company had added a year and 8 months to Hardy’s deal which means that he could still be contracted to WWE in 2022.

“Jeff had two major surgeries during his deal. He had shoulder surgery and then he had the knee surgery. He also had some personal time off he needed to take. Altogether it was about a year and eight months.”

“Once that happens in WWE if they still continue to pay you, they can extend his contract so he had a year and eight months tacked on to his deal as opposed to my deal. I worked all the way through without ever being injured, so that is why Jeff is still working there now.”