Matt Hardy Hinting At Possible Retirement?

A few weeks ago, WWE Superstar “Woken” Matt Hardy had implied that the time has come for The Hardy Boyz to move on. Many pro-wrestling fans took Matt’s statement as The Hardy Boyz hinting at hanging up their boots.

It’s no secret that both Matt and Jeff are beat up from over 25 years in the ring, particularly Jeff who is dealing with back and neck issues and has publicly announced toning down his in-ring style at the house shows/non-televised events. Jeff will turn 41 this August while Matt is 43.

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Matt took the weekend off, supposedly to heal his body. At over 40 years, life on the road can be pretty hard so it wouldn’t come as a surprise if The Hardy Boyz’ days as full-time in-ring performers are coming to a close.

In his latest tweet, Matt thanked the fans who have supported him since Day 1. Although “The Woken One” hasn’t directly announced his retirement, most fans on Twitter are speculating that his days in the ring are coming to an end.

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Matt also tweeted a picture of himself in a jacuzzi with his feet up.

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Later, he posted a collage of pictures with fans.

We will have to wait and see if it’s just a work by Hardy or he is really retiring.