Matt Hardy Receives An Emotional ‘Send Off’ At Recent Live Event

It has become well-known over the past few weeks that Matt Hardy has been struggling with a spinal injury, which is why his career in the ring has seemingly been toned down and his union with Bray Wyatt came to an end after they lost RAW Tag Team Championships to The B-Team.

There has been talk of Matt Hardy now taking up a role backstage whilst he sits out this injury with many sources claiming that he has been shadowing some of WWE’s producers and learning the ropes.

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Matt Hardy has been hinting that his career in the ring could have come to an end on Social Media over the past few weeks and now the former Champion has been given a send-off at the latest WWE live event.

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There was a standing ovation for Hardy inside the arena at Rochester which was started by Bray Wyatt following their match. The former Tag Team Champion even called it a send-off himself when he referred to the night on Social Media.

It’s unknown as to whether or not WWE will give Hardy an on-screen send-off tonight on RAW, but it will be interesting to see if this really is the end for The Broken one. Of course, Hardy returned to WWE back at WrestleMania 33 alongside his brother Jeff Hardy, who now wrestles on the SmackDown brand.

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Jeff has also been struggling with injuries as of late but looks as though he will continue to wrestle through the pain as he has for most of his career.

Matt Hardy has had a lengthy and successful career and if his back is able to heal then it’s obvious that he will return to the ring in the future but right now, he is thinking about his wife and two children and what is best for him and his family.