Matt Hardy vs Randy Orton Storyline Being Extended For At Least One More Raw

Image via WWE

Matt Hardy is allegedly on his way out of the WWE, with his contract expiring on March 1 and no new deal agreed on between him and the company.

Many people felt that his appearance on the last episode of Raw, where he chastised Randy Orton for his actions against Edge and ended up being subjected to an RKO and a Conchairto, was a way to write him off WWE TV till his contract expired.

However, it’s now being advertised that Hardy is going to have at least one more appearance on WWE Raw. The line up for the next episode of Raw features a No Holds Barred match between Hardy and Orton.

According to a report on the Wrestling Observer, last Monday had indeed been planned to be Hardy’s last WWE appearance, but the segment did so well it’s been decided to have one more match between Hardy and Orton.

The report states that the segment between Orton and Hardy gained 221,000 viewers, the biggest gain of the show. This was bigger than even the Raw Women’s Championship match between Becky Lynch and Asuka as well as the post-match attack of Shayna Baszler.

Though it seems like Hardy had initially been ready to move on, he seems to be embracing this new opportunity to do one more thing in WWE.

After the match between himself and Orton were officially announced, he took to Twitter to play up the “damage” from last Monday’s altercation and to warn the Viper that he was “unkillable”.