Matt Hardy Wishes To Have Creative Control In WWE

Unlike WWE, AEW is allowing select talents to run their own creative

Image via WWE

The world’s biggest pro wrestling promotion, WWE is going through a period of transition – there’s a lot of changes the company plans to bring forth, but handing out creative control to Superstars isn’t one of them.

For the last two decades, Vince McMahon and his creative team have controlled the product and the same system is to likely continue for years to come.

While fans have repeatedly requested WWE to at least give creative freedom to veteran Superstars, WWE has always turned a deaf ear to such pleas.

While speaking to Talk Sport, multi-time World Tag Team Champion Matt Hardy noted that he would like the scenario to change, while expressing his desire to run his own creative in WWE.

“You can take this great scenario you’re in and there’s one or two snags and that’s what people will bitch about and that’s where ‘You Don’t Know How Hard It Is To Be Matt Hardy’ came from.”

Hardy is busy promoting his new “You Don’t Know How Hard It Is To Be Matt Hardy” gimmick online as he looks forward to making a quick return to the ring.

“I have other things I would be interested in doing. I love giving creative ideas. I wish I could run my own creative, in fact. I feel like that’s part of the fun of being an artist at my age. Even before, I was probably a little less confident in my abilities to change or do something different and pull it off and make people buy into it but now I love it and I welcome the challenge.”

This past May, Matt and his brother Jeff were forced to relinquish the SmackDown Tag Team Championship due to the younger Hardy dealing with a severe knee injury that required surgery.

Per rumors, The Hardy Boyz could be making a grand return at Royal Rumble next year.