Matt Riddle Aims To Retire Brock Lesnar After Winning NXT Championship

matt riddle
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MMA star Matt Riddle is currently performing in NXT, having signed with WWE this past summer.

The former UFC star who holds an MMA record of 8-3, made the unexpected leap and pursued a career in professional wrestling that saw almost overnight success. Having made a name for himself by rampaging the indies for the last few years, Riddle, who is currently one of the hottest stars in the pro-wrestling business, finally inked a deal with WWE.

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Riddle recently appeared as a guest on “Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show” to talk about professional wrestling.

During the show, the former MMA star was asked how long his NXT tenure will be before he makes the main roster jump.

“Deep Waters” gave the perfect reply (perhaps) – he aims to capture the NXT Championship in the next three months and then head to the main roster to challenge and retire the one and only “The Beast” Brock Lesnar.

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“In my perfect world I’m champion in like, three months,” Riddle said. “And then I’m on the main roster and I’m challenging Brock Lesnar. And I want to retire Brock Lesnar. That’s the perfect world. Maybe Brock Lesnar, main event WrestleMania for the Universal Title, and if he loses he retires.”

Lesnar has cemented himself as the longest reigning WWE Universal Champion with a maiden title reign that stands strong at 504 days. The Beast lost the championship gold to Roman Reigns at SummerSlam in August.

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Lesnar rejoined the USADA testing pool in July and was already tested thrice upon rejoining. The former Universal Champion’s first test was administered prior to July 20, 2018.

If The Beast is able to provide clean test all throughout, fans can expect him to be back in UFC in January, 2019. Lesnar is currently scheduled to face UFC Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier at some point next year.