Matt Riddle Allegedly Harassed Female Wrestler at Indie Event

Matt Riddle is among the many wrestlers accused of sexual misconduct as part of the #SpeakingOut movement. The Original Bro has denied the accusations brought against him and even had his attorney release an official statement.

Now, a new story bearing the potential to ruin Riddle’s main roster push has been sent to RingsideNews. According to the revelation made by the anonymous individual, a WWE legend was present on-site when The King Of Bros groped a female talent following his match.

“[Well known indie company] was sharing event all night with other promotions during that night. Girl wrestler from [indie company] was in back before show. After Riddle got done going over moves with [his opponent], Riddle walks out and starts talking with few of the lady wrestlers.”

“[WWE Legend] and I were standing there waiting on [Booker] who runs the [indie company]to let [WWE Legend] know what they needed for him to do. Next thing we know a commotion happens with the girl starting to cry.”

“I went over asked if everything was ok. She stated quote, he told her that “he is the next big thing in wrestling and that if she would like to come to his room she would be able to practice and talk about it.” He then grabbed her butt which [WWE Legend] and I saw, again I had to hear how this would not be tolerated when he ([WWE Legend]) was in the WWE.”

Riddle was told also when he came back by someone that we think was her boyfriend, to leave her alone she was not interested.“

Riddle is yet to respond to this new allegation and while his future on SmackDown remains unclear, it is to be noted that WWE has zero-tolerance for matters involving domestic violence, child abuse, and sexual assault and will fire the accused if found guilty.