Matt Riddle Believes His US Championship Win Will Take Him to “The Next Level”

During the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, Riddle was able to fend off Bobby Lashley and get a pin on John Morrison to win the WWE United States Championship.

After the show, Riddle gave an interview to Sara Schreiber where he talked about what the win meant for him and his future.

“A lot of people say, ‘Hey, I’m gonna elevate this title. I’m gonna elevate this championship.’ And I’m like, ‘Nuh uh, not me!’ This championship is going to elevate me,” said Riddle.

“It’s going to give me the golden ticket to open up the doors I need to open to get to the next level,” he added.

You can check out all of Riddles comments and see a video of his first photo shoot as US Champion below.

Riddle had been feuding with Lashley for the few weeks leading up to Elimination Chamber. The match had originally been between Riddle, Lashley, and Keith Lee, but Lee was pulled due to injury and Morrison won a fatal four-way against Ricochet, Elias, and Mustafa Ali to take Lee’s place.  

This is Riddle’s first major championship since he moved to the main roster. He had previously held the Tag Team Championship in NXT.