Matt Riddle Calls Former Boss Dana White A Dummy Over Twitter

matt riddle
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WWE’s latest acquisition from the world of mixed martial arts seems intent on burning bridges behind him.

Matt Riddle originally made a name for himself in the UFC, after joining 2008’s Ultimate Fighter reality competition. While he did well for himself over there, he was released in 2013, after testing positive for marijuana use twice that year alone.

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Riddle then went on to make a pretty big impact in the indie pro wrestling scene and has since signed with the WWE. He had his first appearance as a “man in the crowd” during NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 4.

While he hasn’t had a match on WWE television yet, Riddle seems sure of himself enough to take a shot at his former boss Dana White.

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In fairness to Riddle, the “dummy” comments are probably a reference to previous incidents of trash talk from White regarding Riddle. You can hear some of White’s disparaging comments in the video embedded in the tweet.

White seems to believe that Riddle’s history of marijuana use is a result of being weak-willed. And there has been some concern that, it might impact his WWE career as well.  WWE’s Wellness Policy covers marijuana use, though it comes with a fine of $2,500 rather than a suspension.

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Triple H was also asked about Riddle’s past marijuana use during a media call after Takeover: Brooklyn, but he seems to believe that past is past.

“I think he’s matured as a person and he’s realized where he wants to get to in the business as opposed to just having fun being in the business,” said Triple H about Riddle.