Matt Riddle Compares Himself to Kurt Angle After Cage Match on WWE NXT

This week on WWE NXT, Matt Riddle wrestled Timothy Thatcher in a bloody cage match that saw The British Messiah score a hard-fought victory over The Original Bro. The showdown essentially served as a send-off for Riddle who is now on his way to the main roster.

Prior to NXT, Riddle appeared on The Bump to discuss his match with Thatcher. Kurt Angle, who served as the special guest referee, has inspired a ton of people throughout his decorated career. For Riddle, sharing the ring with the Hall Of Famer was not just an honor, but also a means to realize how closely he resembles The Olympic Hero.

“Kurt Angle, the guy’s got it all. Olympic Gold Medalist, pro wrestling Superstar, the guy on the microphone — he can be serious, he can be hilarious. I mean, honestly, I think I’m a lot like him. I am a lot like him. I am Matthew Riddle, not Kurt Angle, but I think we have a lot of similarities and we share the same characteristics, and what made him great is gonna make me great as well.”

Riddle has left NXT in a blaze of glory and the WWE Universe is eagerly waiting to see how Vince McMahon plans to use The King Of Bros on the main roster. Rumors suggest that Riddle could be debuting on SmackDown this Friday night on FOX.

“To be in the ring, to be in the cage with Kurt Angle, it’s gonna be an honor, but unfortunately I have to share it with Trashy Tim.”

While Riddle never managed to win a singles title in NXT, fans believe he definitely has a bunch of singles title victories in store for him on the main roster.

Now that The Stallion is finally on his way to the bigger playground, isn’t it time for Brock Lesnar and Goldberg to be wary about their future?