Matt Riddle Discusses Backstage Heat With Vince McMahon, Says It’s Just “High School” Drama

One-Half of the NXT Tag Team Champions and former UFC performer Matt Riddle recently spoke to Sportskeeda and addressed the various rumors surrounding his stay in NXT. Riddle was said to have heat in the company with the authority figures but was given a championship title quite soon post-that.

Riddle cleared out the rumors by stating that he doesn’t have heat with the top brass in the company, but has certain issues with certain people on the show. Riddle said he had to explain that he is merely having fun and not trying to offend anyone with his comments.

“I’ll tell you this. Do I have heat with WWE or NXT, or the people that run the show? No. Do I have heat with some people who think I’m disrespectful at times because they don’t understand how business works? Yes. Do people take things too seriously? Yes.”

“honestly, I’ve had to give talks at NXT, is not like I stopped the place, but it’s like, interjecting. I’m like, ‘Hey. I’m going to tweet or say something that offends you. Realize I’m not trying to actually offend you, I’m just trying to make people think I am. I’m putting out an image, a facade, you know?”

Riddle also had a conversation with Vince McMahon, who brought up his heat backstage, but Riddle isn’t too concerned as long as he is giving in the performances on stage.

Riddle continued and recalled how he was just at WWE HQ several weeks ago before the coronavirus pandemic broke out, speaking with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. Riddle said they spoke about the heat he has with “certain people” in the company. Riddle chalked the heat up to just “high school” drama.

“I was in Vince McMahon’s office just three weeks ago, before this thing broke out,” Riddle continued. “I was in headquarters talking to him – and, yeah, we mentioned the heat I have with certain people but, at the end of the day, he signs the checks, he makes it happen for me and they’re in control, not the talent.

Riddle seems to be quite content about his role in the company and isn’t quite bothered by the ‘heat’ he gets. Riddle is currently teaming up with Timothy Thatcher in the absence of Pete Dunne.