Matt Riddle Hints That He is Interested in a Match With Parker Boudreaux

As reported yesterday, WWE has supposedly signed college football player Parker Boudreaux to a developmental deal.

Boudreaux has received significant attention for his overall look and his resemblance to Lesnar. He has been leaning into that resemblance, dubbing himself “The Next Big Thing.”

As Boudreaux has absolutely no wrestling experience and has signed as a developmental prospect, it will probably be a while till he is ready for TV. However, there is already at least one member of the main roster who would love to take him on.

Raw Superstar Riddle has long expressed an interest in working with Brock Lesnar. Given both men’s background in MMA, many feel like it should be an interesting match, even if size-wise it looks like a mismatch.  

Lesnar, however, reportedly does not like Riddle or his attitude and is rumored to have nixed any ideas of a match. This rejection might be what prompted Riddle to look in Boudreaux’s direction.

“He looks just like Brock Lesnar but younger,” said Riddle in a Tweet.

Riddle then continued his Tweet saying that Boudreaux didn’t hate him enough to refuse a match “yet”.

For his part, Boudreaux retweeted Riddle’s comments and just added the “eyeballs” emoji.