Matt Riddle Opens Up About Getting The Call From Triple H

Matt Riddle
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Matt Riddle recently signed a contract to join WWE and this was then confirmed when he was spotted at ringside last month for Takeover: Brooklyn.

The former MMA star has been creating waves in the wrestling world for most of his career and had been on WWE’s radar for months before he finally agreed to sign.

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Riddle recently spoke to The Main Event on ESPN West Palm radio where he was able to open up about making the transition from UFC over to WWE.

“Everybody’s excited for me, I think especially with my past and everything like that, I think people never thought I would ever be with a company like WWE, or be at this level again,” he said via EWrestling.

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“I was killing it on the indies. I was traveling the world. I was probably one of the top three or four wrestlers in the world on the indies, just killing it. Nobody really saw me going to a bigger company because of my past and just how people view me.”

He also talked about getting that call from WWE and how he was talked into joining their developmental brand by WWE COO Triple H himself.

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“I actually got a direct call from our main man ‘Trips’, Mr. Triple H, and Paul Levesque. It was good. About three years ago I was about to get signed and we talked about that because I was supposed to possibly get signed then and it didn’t happen.”

“We talked about that. He’s like ‘we got good intentions’, made me feel good with working with NXT and working with him. Honestly, that’s why I signed up and we’ll see where it takes me.”