Matt Riddle Responds to #SpeakingOut Claims

Matt Riddle was promoted to the SmackDown roster just a day after he was named as one of the WWE stars in the #SpeakingOut movement. The former NXT star has since become the number one contender to AJ Styles’ Intercontinental Championship and has remained on WWE TV despite the company releasing a number of stars in line with the movement.

Austin Theory has also been removed from Monday Night Raw after he was named in the movement, but Riddle has protested his innocence throughout and it appears that he has a strong case for this since WWE has allowed him to remain on WWE TV.

The woman in question has recently posted “photographic evidence” to prove that she was with Riddle at the time when she claims that the assaults happened.

Riddle was forced to respond to this new evidence earlier today when he put up a Twitter video claiming that he never assaulted anyone and that none of what has been written is true.

Riddle instead revealed that he had an affair with the woman in question and was embarrassed about it. He stated that she was upset that the affair ended and that was the reason behind the recent claims.

Riddle’s video can be viewed below.