Matt Riddle Reveals Conversation With Goldberg Backstage At WWE SummerSlam 2019

The Myth is not Riddle’s “bro”

Image via WWE

If there’s anyone in WWE who can verbally shoot on legends without fearing the consequences, then it’s none other than Matt Riddle!

Ever since the Saudi Arabian Super ShowDown pay-per-view, Riddle has been going hard at WWE Hall Of Famer Bill Goldberg.

The former Universal Champion’s recent stint has received some critical reviews but none surpasses the comments (and memes) made by The King Of Bros.

Both men were present at the Scotiabank Arena last night – Riddle for the SummerSlam Watch Along Panel and Goldberg to crush trash-talking heel Dolph Ziggler.

And it so happened that the young NXT star and the 52-year-old legend crossed paths backstage!

During the SummerSlam live stream, Riddle revealed the brosome conversation he had with Goldberg at the event in Toronto, Canada.

“I look up, it’s Bill Goldberg. I’m like, “Bill Goldberg!”
He goes, “Oh, we got some talkin’ to do!”
And I’m like, “We can talk anytime, bro!”
He’s like, “Yeah?”
And I’m like, “Yeah,” and I was like “Alright bro, anytime.”
He’s like, “I’m not your bro.”
And I’m like, “Alright bro, like, take it easy. Whatever.”
And then he’s like “Yeah, we’ll see. I’ll see you later. And hey, it’s a pleasure meetin’ you.”
And I go “The pleasure was all mine, bro.”
And then he goes, “I’m not your bro,” and then I walked away. I had to come here.”

The Original Bro further noted that the meeting was filmed outside his dressing room.

Riddle currently has two icons on his watch – one is Goldberg and the other is Brock Lesnar who he wishes to retire at WrestleMania down the line.

At this point it’s hard to predict if or when the feud between Bill and Matt will take place, but given the seeds have long been planted, WWE could likely book the dream match for next year’s WrestleMania.