Matt Riddle Reveals He Discussed His WWE Backstage Heat With Vince McMahon

Matt Riddle was traded to Monday Night RAW during the 2020 WWE Draft, following which Seth Rollins noted that he has zero plans to wrestle The King Of Bros. This led to theories of a real-life heat between Riddle and Rollins.

During a recent interview with Sportskeeda, Riddle revealed to have personally discussed the issue with Vince McMahon.

The former NXT Tag Team Champion noted that the meeting made him realize that it’s Mr. McMahon who approves the ideas and signs the paychecks, so it’s irrelevant what the locker room thinks of hm.

“I was in Vince McMahon’s office just three weeks ago, before this thing broke out. I was in headquarters talking to him – and, yeah, we mentioned the heat I have with certain people but, at the end of the day, he signs the checks, he makes it happen for me and they’re in control, not the talent.”

“If employer’s happy and I can make them money and make them a profit, and I’m worth my weight and I’m pulling my weight, I don’t see a problem. To answer your question, yes, some people I have heat with. But most of it’s just high school, catty, ‘He said this’, people who just can’t take a joke or a work.”

Riddle recently underwent a name change and will reportedly portray a much serious personality on WWE TV.