Matt Riddle Reveals Which Main Roster Star He Would Like To Face

matt riddle
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When Matt Riddle was spotted at ringside at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn last month, the Twitter world went crazy since the former MMA star is seen as one of WWE’s biggest acquisitions. Riddle only recently made his NXT live event debut where he was able to show why the company worked so hard to land his signature.

Riddle recently spoke to ESPN West Palm’s The Main Event about the switch over to WWE and was then asked about who he was most looking forward to facing in the company.

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“They got so many talented individuals,” said Riddle via WrestlingInc. “I worked with the majority of them. In NXT, I have probably worked with every top guy from Ricochet to Roderick [Strong], to Kyle [O’Reily], Adam Cole. The only guys I haven’t really worked with are Velveteen Dream and Lars [Sullivan], some of the other guys that are homegrown. In my opinion, if I was going to pick main roster guys, I’ve always had a hunch out for Cesaro. I just feel like if we were able to just go at it, make it a fight, I think it would be pretty sensational.”

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Cesaro is being underutilized on WWE’s main roster currently since he’s stuck in the Tag Team Division working alongside Sheamus as The Bar. Cesaro has been widely regarded as one of WWE’s best all-around wrestlers and at one point he was prepared to be pushed to the main event but Vince McMahon seemingly wasn’t sold on the idea of Cesaro on the mic which is why he wasn’t given the push.

Matt Riddle is yet to make his official NXT TV debut, but The King of The Bros is expected to be a huge star in the company in the years to come.