Matt Riddle To Be Surprise Entrant In Royal Rumble 2019?

Former MMA fighter turned professional wrestler Matt Riddle may have just made his NXT debut last October, but he’s already looking forward towards his possible main roster debut.

Riddle, also known by the nickname “King of Bros”, was a guest during this week’s E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness.

He was asked about making his debut on the main roster and according to Riddle, he would like to do so soon – during next month’s Royal Rumble.

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“I’m really hoping in this new year because I know TakeOver is the same weekend as the Royal Rumble,” said Riddle.

According to Riddle he’s a really big fan of the Rumble match and would love to make his main roster debut during the match itself.

“I’m a big Rumble guy. You never know. There might be a spot open. Maybe I get in there. Maybe I make history. I’m aiming for the stars,”said Riddle.

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Riddle also talked about his early days making the transition to professional wrestling from MMA, and the heat he got for being “some MMA guy”.

“I started off pretty bad,” Riddle admits. “I could work decent. . . But the crowds didn’t like me. They didn’t respect me.

“I remember my first match for EVOLVE, when I came out, the crowd chanted ‘Baby Lesnar.’ Then the next night, they chanted ‘You can’t wrestle’, recalls Riddle.

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Riddle didn’t let the negative reactions get to him though and continued to wrestle all over until he managed to win the crowds over.

“I wrestled all over – EVOLVE, Beyond, CZW, AAW, PWG, PROGRESS, OTT – by the time I got back to the building where they said I couldn’t wrestle…all they were saying was ‘Bro’,” said Riddle.

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