Matt Riddle Talks About Heat With Goldberg, How He Could Redeem the Former Star

Matt Riddle and Goldberg haven’t seen eye to eye in recent years, since the former UFC star decided to take to Twitter to laugh about Goldberg’s botches in Saudi Arabia back in 2019.

After making several comments about Goldberg and his in-ring ability over the years, the two men even had a backstage altercation where it was made apparent that they didn’t have a future together in WWE.

Despite this, Riddle recently spoke to BT Sport where he ranted for almost three minutes about Goldberg and even revealed that if he was able to wrestle him, then it could redeem him completely.

“I think the only way I could get Goldberg in a ring with me is if it was like, he just gets to murder me and I have to let him, like I have to let him do it because he couldn’t do it in real life. So yeah, so that would be that. I think he would agree to get in the ring with me if I just promised to let him beat me up. If we could work it out any other way… because my goal is, I would love to have a sweet match with him. I think I’m good enough where I can do it and I think, redeem him completely.

“I’m not even saying win, I don’t have to win. I’m not that guy, I’m not that guy. I’m all about the quality of the work. So, hey, if we can make quality work and you’d be willing to listen to what I have to say, and I’ll listen to what you have to say, I will.”

“I think it could be magical, and I think the fans would eat it up, and they would because you know what? The guy really doesn’t like me and you know what? I really don’t like his work, to be fair. From ‘Universal Soldier 3’ and beyond, not a fan. But I get it, he’s got a presence, just like I have a presence.”

“And like I said, I think he’s that, you know how we talked, he’s that, ‘Serious, I can’t be touched,’ and I’m the actual, ‘Serious, but go ahead and touch me, see what happens.’ I think it makes for a great match and I think it makes for great entertainment.”

Goldberg is seemingly building towards a return to WWE as part of a feud with Roman Reigns. This could allow Riddle to create a storyline on-screen with the former Champion if the company is able to convince the star to wrestle Riddle.