Matt Riddle Thinks NXT Is “More Real”, Names John Cena As Dream Opponent

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Former MMA champ and current WWE NXT Superstar Matt Riddle was interviewed by TMZ Sports recently and he had some interesting opinions on what makes NXT so hot compared to the main brands of RAW and SmackDown.

According to Riddle, NXT is “more real” and more “fresh” than the two other shows.

“We’re different, we’re new, we’re fresh, and we’re not the same watered down child’s product that WWE is kind of turned into a lot,” Riddle told TMZ Sports.

“When people watch us – even though it’s scripted a lot of the time, but it’s more real. It’s more believable,” he added.

His belief and excitement in the “freshness” of NXT is also coloring his opinion on when and if he would like to move into the main roster.

“I was thinking about that the other day and I want to get to the main roster. But then I was thinking, ‘Well, maybe I’m thinking about it wrong’ because NXT is so hot, maybe we should stay and try to make it bigger than RAW and SmackDown, and just make it one—like the big guy. Which isn’t impossible I don’t think,” said Riddle.

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TMZ Sports also asked Riddle who his dream main roster opponents would be when he gets there and it seems like Riddle is gunning for John Cena – though it might not necessarily be a wrestling match that’s on the King of Bro’s mind.

“Before, I would say Cesaro because he’s so athletic, but after going to Madison Square Garden and having a chat with John Cena, I think wanna fight John Cena,” Riddle said.

 “I mean, he might want to wrestle,” Riddle added.  “But I kind of want to fight him and see where it goes.”

Check out Riddle’s entire talk with TMZ Sports in the video below: