Matt Riddle Uses Goldberg’s Finisher at Evolve Event, WWE Files Trademark For Several NXT Names

Image via WWE

One of the weirdest rivalries in WWE currently, Matt Riddle‘s obsession with WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg doesn’t look to die down anytime soon. Riddle has been vocal about his hatred for Goldberg and his wrestling abilities, and WWE themselves acknowledged the same during SummerSlam.

In yet another move targetted towards the former WCW Champion, Matt Riddle used Goldberg’s iconic finisher Jackhammer during a match last night. Riddle was wrestling at Evolve 133 against Josh Briggs and performed the Jackhammer out of nowhere.

Riddle announced two weeks ago that he will be using Goldberg’s finisher, and called it the ‘Brohammer’. Riddle eventually won the match against Briggs with his Bromission, but will definitely use the BroHammer more often from now on.

Riddle’s comment from two weeks ago,

“Just so you know I’ve been using the Jackhammer recently in my matches and I’ve been doing it way better than he ever could. It’s the Brohammer now. Trust me, if he ever got in the ring, I’d pick him up, hold him in the air for an extended period of time — BOOM — Brohammer!”

WWE is definitely building towards a Riddle-Goldberg match in the future, and it could be a massive rub for Riddle if he wins the match. Could WWE bring back Goldberg against Riddle when WWE NXT moves to Wednesday nights against AEW?

Elsewhere, WWE recently filed trademarks for several talent names. Usually, WWE does this when they are looking to give major exposure to the superstars. One of these names includes Matt Riddle as well. The following names were copyrighted recently.

  • Aliyah
  • Matt Riddle
  • Bianca Belair
  • Drew Gulak
  • Humberto Carillo
  • Ilconics

The Riddle-Goldberg rivalry may be absurd, but it has some potential to succeed. Riddle has also challenged Lesnar in the past and claimed that he wishes to end Lesnar’s wrestling career at WrestleMania.