Mattel WWE Elite Series 58 Is Out Now

Some great news for you action figure fans, Elite Series 58 is now available to purchase. As of right now only some of the larger sites like Ringside Collectables have these in stock, but you can expect to find them in stores really soon….. although sadly Toys R Us will most likely not be one of those stores.

As usual, the set contains 6 WWE Superstars. However, there are no Flash Back wrestlers in this set which may be a little disappointing for some. However, Mattel is still doing a bit of a throwback as Mickie James, even though she has a new head scan and attire, does come with the classic Women’s Championship belt.

Matt Hardy comes with a tag team title belt and his new white streak hair. Dean Ambrose is one of the most feature-heavy figures of the set as he comes with a cloth shirt as well as a white strap Intercontinental belt which looks really cool.

Both Sheamus and Cesaro come with their BAR entrance gear which is really cool and makes buying these guys as a set a must! Last, but not least is Braun Strowman who comes with a ripped off ambulance door which is pretty fun.

This set of figures also comes with a diorama of each wrestler which would make displaying them together a pretty cool display. If you are not into ordering your figures online, keep an eye open when you are out and about as these will be hitting store shelves really soon.