Mauro Ranallo Opens Up About the Real Reason He Left WWE

Mauro Ranallo was easily one of the most exciting men behind the commentary desk when he was part of both SmackDown and NXT.

Throughout his time in WWE, Ranallo was very outspoken about his struggle with bipolar before he opted to walk away from WWE earlier this year.

Many members of the WWE Universe were hit hard by Ranallo’s decision, but months after his departure the former commentator was part of an interview with POST Wrestling where he revealed the reason behind his decision.

“WWE is one of the most mentally grueling places. And that’s not necessarily a criticism, by any means. There’s a reason Vince McMahon has built a multi-billion dollar empire. Is it perfect? Not by any means, but neither am I. And I chose at a late age in life, 46, to go to WWE when they courted me, and it was a dream come true.”

“But yeah, there were many times where I’m like, ‘What is going on here?’ But for me and my mental health — even moving to NXT where, when we were live it was the best experience I could ask for. And that’s a testament to what Triple H and everyone down in NXT has done. I just felt, for my own mental health — and it was becoming more and more apparent, doing the show even from home.”

“I know many people [were like] ‘How the hell can this guy quit a high-paying gig, high-profile gig of which there are so few in this world? How could he leave?’ it was to the point where I would have panic attacks in the morning of the recordings of the last few months. And I didn’t like — with all due respect, I didn’t like what was happening with who was involved. And all respect to all announcers, but I also believe in chemistry. And maybe I was the problem.”

“On show day, I’m not a great guy to be around because I’m completely effing focused. I’m prepared, and I expect everyone else to be the same. And there was another reason. I’m a play-by-play announcer. I think I’m one of the better ones in the business. And I need to be left alone at times.”

Ranallo left the business to focus on other projects and has since seemingly been able to juggle these alongside his current mental health struggles.