Maxwell Jacob Friedman Reveals The Reason Why He Chose AEW Over WWE

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Maxwell Jacob Friedman is one of the best promo deliverers in AEW at the moment and is definitely a superstar that the company is going to push to the top level when their weekly TV show starts in around eight weeks time.

He has already proved his worth as part of Double or Nothing and Fyter Fest, even though his only win came last month in a six-man tag team match at Fight For The Fallen.

MJF has been linked to WWE a number of times with the company looking to add him to their growing list of names on a few separate occasions, but interestingly Friedman chose to sign for Tony Khan’s company and now has a long-term deal with the promotion which means that he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

MJF recently appeared on Talk is Jericho, alongside Chris Jericho himself, where he explained why he chose to sign for AEW even though he knew that there was some interest there from WWE.

After All In], Cody [Rhodes] pulled me to the side and was like, ‘I am sure you are going to have a much easier time now going to [WWE].’ At the time, I was signed to Major League Wrestling. I had signed a three-year deal with MLW, and in my contract it stated, I could not work for WWE. At no point in the contract did it state anything about AEW because AEW was not even a thing yet. Once we figured out the logistics of everything, and Court [Bauer] was 100 percent cool [with it],” he said via Sportskeeda.

MJF went on to state that he wanted creative freedom with whatever company he signed for and it appeared that he wouldn’t get that in WWE. Once he met with Tony Khan he knew that AEW was the company for him and he believes that he will receive the freedom he requires.