Mayor Kane Still Going To Work WWE Crown Jewel

Amidst calls from fans and even U.S. politicians that the WWE should pull the WWE Crown Jewel pay-per-view from Saudi Arabia , one politician has implied he will be in attendance. In fact, he’ll be in the ring.

WWE Superstar Kane is set to team with his brother the Undertaker for a match at Crown Jewel. The Brothers of Destruction will be going up against DX.

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Kane isn’t exactly a regular member of the roster anymore as he’s rather busy with another job, being Mayor Glen Jacobs of Knox County, Tennessee. It was to Mayor Jacob that Knox News reached out to ask about Crown Jewel on October 12.

Though they didn’t reach the mayor himself, the mayor’s spokesperson Rob Link said the plans to wrestle at Crown Jewel have not changed.

“Mayor Jacobs won’t speculate on Mr. Khashoggi’s disappearance. However, he and his family are in the mayor’s thought and prayers,” said Link.

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Meanwhile, the WWE’s only official comment on the event is that they are “monitoring the situation”.

Kane has been involved in a storyline between the Undertaker and Triple H that culminated in a match during the Super Show-Down event in Australia. He was in the Undertakers corner while Shawn Michaels was in Triple H’s. A brawl between the two factions led to the announcement of the match on Crown Jewel.

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Kane’s recent appearances in the WWE were apparently partially “paid for” by a donation that the WWE made to Knoxville Public Safety Foundation back in September.

The WWE made a $100,000 contribution to the foundation that the press released indicated was in appreciation for the mayor agreeing to make a series of WWE appearances in the fall.