Michelle McCool Getting Ready For An Evolution Appearance?

We are a couple of weeks away from the first all-women pay-per-view WWE Evolution, but there is still room for a few surprises. Could one of those surprises be an in-ring appearance by former Women’s and Diva’s Champion Michelle McCool?

Unlike many women wrestlers of the previous era, McCool has mostly remained quiet about Evolution. That changed recently when she posted a video on Instagram that has got many people talking.

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The video shows McCool working out in the ring with some random guy (not her husband the Undertaker), and she is dominating him.

McCool looks quite ring ready, working her sparring partner over with some kicks, leg locks, and takedowns.

See her moves in her Instagram post below:

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While the video itself is already an impressive example of someone who still has some “gas in the tank”, what has really got people talking is the last hash tag that McCool adds: Evolution.

McCool is actually advertised, if not officially announced, for the SmackDown 1000 show to be held on the Tuesday (Oct. 16), more than a week before Evolution itself. There has been no announcement as to what McCool might do on SmackDown 1000, but who knows, that could be actually also be a prelude to her announcing an Evolution appearance as well.

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McCool officially retired in 2011, but before she did, she held both the WWE Women’s Championship and the WWE Diva’s Championship twice.

The last time we saw McCool on WWE television was when she was a surprise entrant in the women’s rumble match at the 2018 Royal Rumble. She got the most number of eliminations for that Rumble, before getting eliminated by Natalya.