Mick Foley, Corey Graves Aiming For WWE 24/7 Title

Foley will be at this Monday’s RAW Reunion

Image via WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley will be at this Monday’s RAW Reunion and it looks like he’s gunning for championship gold.

Foley took to Twitter to announce that he wasn’t just coming back to RAW for an appearance but ’s looking to take the 24/7 Championship “ back”.

Back in May, Foley was the one to unveil the 24/7 Championship that is currently held by R-Truth. According to the rules, any talent from the RAW, SmackDown, 205 Live, NXT, and NXT UK roster can challenge for this particular title.

While it’s mostly been members of the current roster who have challenged for the title, it didn’t stop former WWE superstar Hurricane from challenging during the San Diego Comic Con. It stands to reason that a Hall of Famer like Foley can challenge as well.

As you can see from R-Truth’s Tweet below, he doesn’t seem to be taking Foley’s threat of a challenge that seriously.

Not taking Foley seriously could be a mistake on R-Truth’s part, as among many of Foley’s accolades are successful runs as the WWE Hardcore Champion, a title that many believe is the precursor and inspiration for the 24/7 Champion.

Even without Foley, Truth faces many challenges for his title on the main roster. His one ally in his quest to retain would be WWE women’s superstar Carmella.

While Carmella has been staunchly in R-Truth’s corner, there have been instances where their friendship has been used to their advantage by Truth’s challengers. Jinder Mahal has followed Carmella backstage in attempts to locate Truth, while Drake Maverick has dressed as her to bring Truth’s guard down.

Carmella is currently in a relationship with WWE announcer, and former wrestler, Corey Graves and, in a Tweet, Graves implied that this might give him an edge if he wanted to go for the 24/7 championship.

You never know what could happen with the 24/7 Championship, so Truth better watch his back the next time he’s near the announce desk.