Mick Foley Met With Vince McMahon for a “Top-Secret Meeting” a Few Weeks Ago

Mick Foley is a pioneer of Hell in a Cell matches, and the HIAC themed PPV takes place this week.

WWE usually pulls out the big guns for their PPVs and HIAC has grown as a major PPV in recent years with several matches taking place inside the demonic structure.

Foley recently met with Vince McMahon, and had a top-secret meeting with the chairman of the company, just a few weeks before the major PPV, according to Alex McCarthy of talkSport.

It is unclear what was discussed between the duo, but it could be a sign of Foley making an appearance at Hell in a Cell.

Foley has made sporadic appearances on WWE TV, ever since he was fired from the RAW General Manager role in 2017.

Foley does have some beef to settle with The Fiend who attacked him last year. He could also come out to help Drew McIntyre take down Randy Orton, who hasn’t been respectful to Hall of Famers as of late.