Mick Foley Opens Up On The 20th Anniversary Of His Infamous Hell In A Cell Match

WWE Hall Of Famer Mick Foley recently joined the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast and discussed his “20 Years Hell Tour” that stopped in Pittsburgh, PA on June 28, 2018 at the Mr. Smalls Theatre, not too far from the actual venue of the infamous 16-22 ft fall from the top of the cell which occurred on this date in 1998.

Here are a few highlights:

Looking Back At The Hell In A Cell Match On Its 20th Anniversary:

“It is definitely cathartic to talk about it. I’m kind of finding out new elements about the match as we go. Especially since it was a match that I kind of ran from for so many years and did not want to talk about it but after a while and I guess in the same way that Adam West came to terms that he was Batman and I know there are some other actors that have kind of felt pigeonholed, I didn’t want to be known for just that one thing.”

“But after it awhile it was like maybe this isn’t the worst thing to be known for but it has been really cathartic to discuss it and I can honestly say that these have been the most fun shows and the best shows that I have done.”

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What Was Going Through His Head During The Fall From The Top Of The Cell:

“It’s funny because in the show I only curse once. It is like a two-hour show with a Q and A and I curse one time. But it turns out that I think in curses and that all I was doing was dropping f-bombs to myself before and after. It was what the **** was I thinking? And you’ve got to be ****ING kidding me?”

“It is why I was so glad when (Chris) Jericho’s Book “A Lion’s Tale” came out, he talked about wanting to do something from the top (of the Cell) but when he went up there earlier in the afternoon {which I didn’t do or otherwise we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now} and he said the people down below looked like ants and I’m not exaggerating, they looked like ants and I thought to myself that is exactly what they looked like. If I could have thought of a graceful way to climb down the cell structure without ruining my career, I believe I would have done it.”

On The Undertaker Vs. Shawn Michaels Hell In A Cell Match Prior To His Battle With The Phenom:

“The match that Shawn had with Undertaker is still to me the best Cell match we’ve ever seen and that there has ever been and I wasn’t so worried about overshadowing it, I was just trying to not embarrass myself.”

Download the full episode here.