Mick Foley Reveals That His Iconic Mask Was Originally Made For The Undertaker

Mick Foley is known as The Hardcore legend following his lengthy WWE career, and also best remembered for the three faces of Foley. The WWE Hall of Famer was the only star to ever appear in the Royal Rumble match three times as all three of his personalities.

As Mankind, Foley wore a leather mask over his face, and as part of a recent interview with Inside the Ropes, Foley recalled that the mask was actually designed for The Undertaker.

“The Undertaker, in one of many instances showing enormous fortitude, when he fractured his orbital bone working with Mable, instead of taking time off like a normal human being would do, he worked with a broken, fractured orbital bone.”

“They didn’t want to put him under that hockey mask, they wanted something fancier for him.”

“So they had the creative team come up with some prototypes for some masks and they ended up going with an almost Phantom of the Opera type of mask. One of the prototypes they did not use that Mr. McMahon liked was the mask that ended up becoming the Mankind mask.”

Foley became famous under that mask, so even though The Undertaker didn’t use the mask that was designed for him, the Hardcore legend definitely put it to good use.