Mick Foley Reveals Why His Daughter Noelle Isn’t Pursuing A Career In WWE

Noelle Foley
Image via WrestlingNews.com

Mick Foley is one of the biggest hardcore legends that WWE has ever created, but as his Network show ‘Holy Foley’ showed, he is also a fantastic father. The former World Champion appeared alongside his wife Collette and four children in the show, which was where his daughter revealed publicly that she wanted to follow in his footsteps and become a WWE superstar.

Noelle trained alongside the likes of Charlotte and Becky Lynch as part of the filming of Holey Foley, but since the show was axed from the Network there has been no word on Noelle’s progress when it comes to living her dream.

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Mick Foley recently spoke to Andy Malnoske of Wrestling Inc where he revealed that Noelle was no longer training for the business because she had been badly injured.

“No, she got banged up quite a bit,” Foley said via WrestlingInc. “Injured, not just banged up but injured.”

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Even though Noelle can’t follow in her father’s footsteps, she has become quite a promising personality and backstage announcer, which means that this could easily be something that she moves into in the future.

Foley’s son Dewey currently works for WWE as part of his creative team and was recently promoted to the writing staff whilst also appearing on WWE TV as Bootyworth alongside The New Day.

There are a number of potential roles for Noelle to take up on WWE TV in the future which means that even though these injuries mean that Noelle isn’t able to continue to train to be a WWE star she can still be part of the company where her father is seen as a hardcore legend.