Mickie James Disses The Man Gimmick, Drew McIntyre Picks His Man

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Mickie James Disses The Man Gimmick

5-time WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James has had a long career in the professional wrestling business.

Widely regarded as one of the most dominant figures in women’s wrestling, James is also a 3-time TNA Knockouts Champion.

While recently speaking to Chris Van Vliet, the veteran addressed her Twitter feud with Becky Lynch and dissed The Man gimmick in the process.

“Relax folks, it’s Twitter. Come on! I mean it’s cool, she’s the man. That’s cool. And I’m the woman. I said it there and I’ll say it again, women have always been the dominant sex. So if you want to do this whole ‘I’m the man’ thing which I think went out in 2010, if you want to bring that back, that’s cool. But I’m a woman, I’m a grown ass woman, you know what I mean? And I’m proud of it.”

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“I love Becky though, I do respect her. I think she’s fantastic, she is amazingly talented. I’m just better.”

James holds the national record of 9-title victories between WWE and TNA.

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Drew McIntyre Picks His Man

Drew McIntyre is being rumored to be the next big thing in WWE. Since his RAW re-debut in 2018, McIntyre has received an enormous main roster push and is currently being groomed as the company’s next big star.

During a recent interview with Wrestling Inc., The Scottish Psychopath revealed which wrestler on the current NXT UK roster fans should potentially be looking out for.

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“It’s hard not to say that Pete Dunne’s not the best considering he’s had the title for a number of years. But there are so many good guys, and I’ve worked with the majority of them, so I know how good they actually are.”

“Everyone’s very physical in the ring, and that’s my favorite style – the British style,”