Mike Bennett Suffers Ankle Injury, Needs Six Weeks to Recover

Mike Bennett, who reunited with Matt Taven to reform the Kingdom during the ROH Final Battle event, took to Twitter to reveal that he is actually injured and will be away from the ring for what looks to be the rest of the year.

Bennett and Taven faced The Righteous, consisting of Vincent and Bateman. While they were victorious, after the match, The Righteous ally Vita Vonstarr low-blowed both Bennett and Taven.

The low blow allowed Vincent to tie up Taven in the ropes. He then went after Bennett, bringing out a block of wood and putting it between Bennett’s feet before hitting the block with a chair.

It looks like the ending of the match will be the storyline explanation for Bennett missing any future ROH events.

Bennett announced his injury on Twitter after Final Battle. According to him, he has a hairline fracture on his ankle that has a recovery time of six weeks.

“I wanted to wait till later this week to address my ankle because I didn’t want it to take away from Final Battle,” said Bennett in his Tweet.

“I’ll be back sooner,” he promised.

Bennett had only returned to ROH last month, after being one of those released by the WWE back in April due to the COVID-19 pandemic.