Miro Reveals That Aiden English Was “Disliked” By WWE Management

Miro made his AEW debut a few weeks ago as the best man for Kip Sabian, but he is better known as Rusev and a former WWE superstar.

Like many former stars, Miro has openly criticized the company several times since his departure and talked about many of the issues he had throughout his career.

Miro was recently interviewed by Chris Van Vliet where he was able to open up one of the most frustrating things about WWE.

The former star revealed that when he was teaming with Aiden English, the star was disliked backstage and management refused to allow him to be “highlighted.”

“It is what it is. It brings me down because they really disliked Aiden [English] and I told them that because everybody was scared to tell them. And I was like, no I’ll tell them because we’re really trying to highlight Aiden in a few spots and they told us no.”

“Aiden was supposed to do this dive and they said no dive. Okay, what about baseball slide? No baseball slide. Then I got pulled to the side and told me we can’t highlight Aiden. Like, what? How does that even make sense? I was so mad, and that’s what I’m saying.”

“Once again, you can’t do this, you can’t do that. But, why he can’t? Why do you stop us from getting the reaction that he wants? That’s what *isses me off. I don’t get *issed off about…it should have been this, it should have been that. No! It’s about, you’re taking opportunities that…we are having a match already and you’re stopping him from showcasing. I don’t understand.”