Miro Shares Hilarious Tweet Following His Wife’s Victory on WWE Raw

Miro is currently a member of the All Elite Wrestling roster, but he’s been very outspoken about WWE and the way that the company is treating his wife Lana following his release back in April.

Lana has recently become a babyface after being targeted for a number of weeks by the Women’s Tag Team Champions and put through the announce table for an incredible nine times.

The former NXT star has been able to fight back and put herself in a position where she was set to fight for the Women’s Tag Team Championships at TLC: Tables, Ladder and Chairs on Sunday night.

Last night on Raw, Lana finally gained a measure of revenge when she was able to defeat Nia Jax one-on-one but later paid for it when she was assaulted by both Baszler and Jax following the match

Lana was later ruled out of TLC because of the elbow and leg injuries that she suffered and will now be replaced at TLC this weekend.

Despite this, her husband Miro was seemingly proud of his wife and her win over Jax since he shared the above Tweet where he revealed that the unique pin was one that he taught The Ravishing Russian the night before.