MJF Criticizes Other Young Wrestlers For Not Studying Veterans

AEW’s MJF recently gave an interview with Bleacher Report’s Jonathan Snowden where he talked about how he stays “ahead of the curve” compared to other young wrestlers.

According to the 23-year old MJF, he works on three things, paying attention to wrestling veterans, trying to get better, and to have more than just “spots” during his matches.

“For some strange reason, a lot of people in my age demographic don’t want to listen to veterans of this sport,” said MJF.

“They’d much rather put on their kick pads and do their moonies and their 450s. They’re not trying to learn. They’re not trying to get better. They’re just trying to be cool. I don’t care about being cool,” he added.

According to MJF, what he does care about is “making money” and going down in history as one of the great professional wrestlers.

“And the only way that happens is by studying your sport and your craft. I have sat down for hours until my eyes have bled while I studied legends and I still do to this day while these kids are studying gymnastics routines. That’s why I’m ahead of the curve,” he said.

MJF is currently involved in a storyline with the “veteran” Cody Rhodes. Rhodes and MJF were initially friends until MJF turned on Rhodes during Full Gear. He also talked a little about why he turned. According to MJF, Cody is a puppeteer who manipulates people in ways that only serve himself.

“I thought that man cared about me, which he did not. When I broke the chains of slavery and kicked him square in the balls and it felt so good,” said MJF.

On the next episode of Dynamite MJF is set to give Rhodes ten lashes. They will then face off during AEW Revolution on February 29.