MJF: “Dictator Jon Moxley is a Cheat”

MJF is one of the brightest talents in professional wrestling today, and the superstar doesn’t like to keep his professional life away during interviews.

In a recent conversation with WrestlingInc, MJF insisted that Dictator Jon Moxley cheated during the AEW World Title match, and he deserves another shot at glory.

“I wish I could say enjoyed it, but he cheated. He cheated. He used an illegal maneuver in order to beat me because that’s the only way ‘Dictator Jon’ could beat me.”

“Let’s face the facts, I gave him the best match of his title reign. If you don’t believe me, just watch it back. It was bar none the best Jon Moxley match he’s ever had in All Elite Wrestling, and it’s all thanks to me.”

“It’s unfortunate that he knew he was being bested by a better man, and he had to resort to such tactics as using such a disturbingly, debilitating maneuver that was outlawed in that match-up.”

MJF also added that he will never resort to these tactics, and will surely end up holding the top title in the company soon enough.

Currently, MJF is set to join Inner Circle, and a team-up with former Le Champion could help him get the title soon.