Mojo Rawley Shares Video of Himself Being Tested For COVID-19

WWE ranks were shocked this morning when the news filtered through that an unnamed developmental talent had contracted the COVID-19 virus.

WWE reacted by postponing upcoming tapings and it appears that the company is now testing all of their stars since Mojo Rawley recently posted a video of himself being tested for the virus on Twitter.

The company has stepped up all of its responses to the virus and only recently allowed Developmental talent to sit in the audience at tapings. It was also reported that a select amount of fans were allowed to be part of the most recent set of tapings.

The company revealed that these fans were tested and maintained social distance throughout the show, but now face some backlash since masks were not worn.

WWE has since been forced to release the following statement.

“Fans have not been in attendance at WWE events since March 13. Yesterday, a select number of friends and family were permitted to attend WWE’s TV production. The individuals were required to participate in medical screenings prior to entering the closed set at our training facilities, and were kept apart from the in-ring performers and production personnel.”

“Attendance was below 20% capacity and social distancing guidelines were adhered to with at least six feet between parties, thus face masks were not required.”