Mojo Rawley Takes To Twitter To Vent His Frustrations With Current WWE Position

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Mojo Rawley came to WWE with an NFL background and based off his time in NXT he looked as though he could go on to be a popular star on the main roster. Rawley was aligned with Zack Ryder for a while as The Hype Bros, but this pairing didn’t work out and even the split was handled badly by the creative team.

It was thought that the former NXT star was onto something when he won the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal back in 2017, but that became an insignificant part of his WWE tenure after the company forced to equalize on this and push him forward on the card.

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Triple H was known to have been a huge fan of Rawley when he was part of the developmental brand, but even that hasn’t been enough for him to find a consistent place on the main roster card.

Dave Meltzer recently noted on The Wrestling Observer that Rawley didn’t sign up to be in the position that he is in, and the lack of TV time could be getting to the star since he recently sent out the following Tweet, where he seems to be motivating himself for what might be coming.

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Rawley has definitely had to claw and fight for everything he has been given in WWE and it could be argued that he hasn’t been handed an easy route either since he is currently stuck performing in dark matches or on Main Event.

Many wrestlers would be happy to still be part of the company in any shape, but it appears that Rawley is going to continue to push for the place on the card that he feels he deserves and this Tweet definitely shows that he isn’t happy with the one that he currently holds.