Multiple Fake Social Media Accounts Created for Huber Family, AEW and Amanda Huber Caution Fans

Both AEW and Amanda Huber, the wife of the late Jon Huber, are warning fans of Brodie Lee about fake social media accounts.

According to reports, fake accounts claiming to be made by Amanda and her son Brodie Lee Jr. have been spotted by fans. The accounts have since been deleted and Amanda took to her own Instagram account to confirm that they were fake.

AEW Tweeted a warning, reminding fans that any “official” or “real” account for persons associated with the promotion would be promoted and followed by their official accounts.

Meanwhile, Amanda posted an Instagram story, taking aim at an account claiming to be made by Brodie Jr. According to her, Brodie Jr. doesn’t have any social media accounts, so any accounts claiming to be made by him were fake.

She also shared a screenshot from a fake account where “Brodie” called her “Mommy” which he never does.

“Please, if you feel yourself creating a fake account for an 8 year old for attention, please go to therapy and get the help you need. I’m serious,” she wrote.

She then took aim at a fake account made for her, where “Amanda” called out a fake account for “Brodie Jr.”

According to her, while she does have Twitter, she doesn’t really use it and it has been set to private for years.