Multiple WWE Stars Reportedly Don’t Want To Be Part Of Crown Jewel

WWE Crown Jewel takes place live from Saudi Arabia on November 2nd, but over the past few days, the show has been up in the air since there have been a number of problems between Saudi Arabia and the United States.

Whilst there are many media outlets who are expecting WWE to make a decision on Wednesday as to whether or not the show will still take place in the Middle East, new reports now suggest that many WWE stars don’t actually want to be part of the show itself.

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The problems started when it was revealed that US Citizen Jamal Khashoggi was reportedly murdered inside the Saudi Consulate back on October 2nd. Jamal has been missing ever since but ahead of his disappearance he was working for The Washington Post, a newspaper who have printed a number of stories surrounding Saudi Arabian crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman.

US Politicians, media outlets, companies, former WWE stars, and even the WWE Universe have called for WWE to do the right thing and pull out of the show until the controversy has cleared up.

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In spite of the fact that many members of their roster are not open to performing in Saudi Arabia whilst this issue is ongoing, WWE is holding firm and all reports currently state that the show is happening and WWE is still “monitoring the situation.”

The report from Sports Illustrated¬†doesn’t name any of the stars who are reluctant to step on the plane, but this is another obstacle that has been put into WWE’s way and it appears that this could be one of the reasons why the show is inevitably called off.